Extreme Fast Charging (XFC). Baseline grid to battery wired and wireless XFC solutions and key metrics for LD to HD.  Develop high fidelity multi-physics battery and system models for XFC, new grid tied topologies, system controls, active cooling and integration to increase power density, modularity, and lifetime.  Demo>500 kW MV grid-tie, >1 MV wireless HD charger.

Pavement Integrated Wireless Charging.  Baseline pavement integrated wireless charging solutions and metrics for parking and roads.  Develop multi-physics models of pavement structures and inductiveand capacitive wireless charging; new approaches to passive cooling, construction, power distribution and vehicle alignment; drive cost, and lifetime.  Demo >100 kW continuous DWPT over 20 meter section.

Smart & Secure Charge Management.  Baseline smart charging and challenges for operation at scale across networks.  Develop AI/ML demand and supply models, maximize infrastructure utilization, multimodel transit and DER, security counter-measure, smart edge computing.  Demo utility-integrated smart charge management across all vehicle classes at EVR. 

System of Systems Integration. Establish baselines for adoption, sustainability, policy, TEA and LCA for transportation electrification.  Estabish an architecture for open-source, dynamic co-simulation of power, transportation and EV charging networks.  Develop case studies for proposed LD to HD rollout of combined technologies.

Learning & Engagement.  Baseline stakeholder perception, information gaps, policy barriers and launch engagement campaign.  Baseline workforce culture of inclusion, and diversity needs.  Launch professional and cirriculum development for pre-college, trades, and 2-year colleges.  Build college skillsets and inclusive pathways: cohorts, cirriculum, camps, internships, and international relationships.